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  • Preston Enterprise Centre, Salter St, Preston PR1 1NT, UK

About John Ingham Towing

John Ingham Towing Minimal is situated in Lancashire, only 10 mins from public transport back links and high streets in Preston Town middle. The towing firm has been around operation specialising in pull night clubs for more than 3 decades and it’s strongly suggested by BMW, Mercedes and VW merchants. Our company offers Pre MOT Towbar, cabling loom packages, wiring assessments and free of charge estimates. Even with the current alterations in ownership, the founding operator John Ingham still provides feedback as well as the business still continues to be highly respected in Lancashire in addition to surrounding areas.

What we do

Our employees are educated and certified experts in installing cycle providers cabling systems removable and resolved towbars for RV’s, Motorhome and Campervan trailers trailers pieces and also other components. We source towbars as well as giving our own appropriate assistance. Supplying our consumers with not just towbars and also electrical wiring kits of a wide selection. Enabling you to make a choice from repaired and removable towbars and also committed wires kits. Electric systems are also available in 7 pin and 13 pin. Supplying the widest array of choice for any motorist. Suited to any towing need you could have.

John Ingham Towing carry products by;

  • Brink
  • Bosal Towbars
  • Thule Towbars
  • Westfalia Towbars
  • Witter Towbars

Other than fitting and supplying, John Ingham Towing offer diagnostics on coding of cars for the trailer detection.

Some of the certifications achieved by our staff members are:

  • Autologic, Independent Vehicle Diagnostic tools
  • NNTA (National Trailer & Towing Association Limited), Towbar Fitting, Wiring Installation, Multiplex Electric Systems
  • NNTA (National Trailer & Towing Association Limited), Towing Law, Vehicle Electronic Systems and Practical Towbar Fitting Award
  • IMI Awards (QAA), Quality Assured Advanced Towbar Installation Programme Awards
  • Right Connections UK Limited, Advanced Towbar Installation Training Course

Simply get in touch with us for a free quote that is sure to not dissapoint.

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