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  • Dyehouse Road, Oakenshaw, Bradford, BD12 7BX

About Autowbars

Autowbars is a company that has been in business for over 25 years. Giving them a huge amount of knowledge and experience within the industry. Which they can utilise to provide you with the best service possible. Answering any questions you may have whilst doing the most efficient job they can. The company is based within Northamptonshire but do cater to the needs of the customers around them. Being willing to travel a small distance for work. As well as their great service, they pride themselves on their staff friendliness. As they are ready and happy to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle or installation being performed.

What they do

At Autowbars they offer a handy mobile fitting service. Allowing them to go out to their customers homes or workplaces and fit their towbars where convenient. Saving you the journey down to their premises to get the work done. Their mobile fitting services offers a choice of three towbars for installation. These include flangeball, swan neck and also detachable towbars. Each of which will serve different purposes more effectively. For example, being more suitable for the towing / carrying of multiple objects at once. Such as holding a bicycle carrier and also towing at the same time. Compared to others that only offer one of these uses at a time. More information on each of these kinds of towbar can be found on their website.

As well as towbars, their mobile fitters will also install your electrical kits. They can do this installation alongside the one of your towbar. Allowing you to start towing from the moment they leave your premises. Having electrical kits fitted means that you can power extra external lights such as brake lights when towing things such as a trailer. Ensuring they can still be seen by other drivers. Autowbars offer a range of single, twin and 13 pin electrics to choose from. Again, each of these is suitable for different levels of purpose.

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