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  • B5062, Shrewsbury SY4 4RW, UK

About Copthorne Services

Copthorne Services is based in The Redders, Shrewsbury. The specialists supply their expertise in fitted auto extras, cycle companies and towbars. All services presented and things supplied by Copthorne Services are of higher requirements and cost-effective. The experts are inviting to clients and they are pleased to supply their specialist view and tips on exactly what a car needs. To actually are buying the right issue for yourself vehicle.

What they do

Copthorne Service provide and fit a wide range of towbars, towing products and also add-ons. Towbars available come from UK‘s top developing companies Thule, Pull Believe in, PCT Automotive, Westfalia and Witter. Repaired flange towbar, detachable towbars and swan neck area towbars are some of the types of towbars fixed and provided by Copthorne Services. So you can decide whether to fit your towbar yourself or have a expert to accomplish it to suit your needs. The option is your own. They have a towbar appropriate for every towing objective, so you will not have difficulty discovering what exactly you need.

Tow actions and specialized electric powered products and the like are some of the tow components equipped. ensuring that that you are able to gain access to and manage everything you should pull safely. Power kits are incredibly essential when towing stuff that obstruct your vehicles lighting. Because they are essental to rules being positioned in these situations for them to power seperate lights including braking system lights. Keeping you safe on the streets. All fitted solutions are same day making certain the customers get to use their vehicles sooner.

Copthorne Services inventory, in shape and provide an array of pattern service providers from resolved flanged, towball to towbar installed companies meet the needs of all car models. Routine companies add-ons and spares are also available.

The experts offer services around Shropshire and Telford.

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