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  • Triumph House, Sleaford Road, Bracebridge, Heath, Lincoln, LN4 2NA

About Rimmer Bros

Set up by the Rimmer siblings in 1982 in Lincolnshire and originally located in the loved ones house the corporation has recently produced and it has a headquarters at Bracebridge Heath near Lincoln. Rimmer Bros stocks a variety of pieces and addresses. They already have for a long period formed a niche in offering ‘classic’ automobile pieces which are often hard to find and also the specialized expertise.

Rimmer Bros great pride themselves in supplying high quality solutions and outstanding customer care through fast reply on every customer’s requests.

Even as the British motor unit market grows and car producers not any longer produce timeless vehicles, Rimmer Bros guarantees they may be still managed and restored to authentic efficiency. From the 90s they already have extra the coverage of Rover SD1, Terrain Rover Range Rover (that include up-to-date models) and Jaguar 1998 onward types.

With sizeable requests they put in a creation range conveyor program boosting the productivity so as processing and dispatch. They ship elements and add-ons around UK and to the other planet. Rimmer Bro’s consider as far as possible to supply originally constructed components and top the supplies from original companies. Where achievable they re-produce pieces and provide upgraded professional services.

The staffs hold comprehensive understanding on classic cars in general and also the services they provide are identified by British Motor unit Traditions and Terrain Rover as it is an authorised distributor of Milligrams Rover elements.

What they do

Rimmer Bros offers a wide range of parts to their customers for many kinds of car. Some of their stock includes;

  • MG parts
  • Range rover parts
  • Jaguar parts
  • Land rover parts
  • Rover parts
  • Rover mini parts
  • Triumph parts
  • Rover v8 engines
  • Car accessories

The offer you these kinds of products together with a retail outlet by brand choice on their site plus a clearance portion. Selling elements at a more reduced price to advance them out of your retail store. Regardless of whether they are not used anymore or are stopped.

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