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  • Unit 9 Bulmer Way, Cannon Park, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS1 5JT

About Teesside Towbar Centre

Teesside Towbar Centre are located in Canon Park, Middlesbrough. Teesside Towbar Centre technicians are highly qualified and trained and will take you through the process. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service. All our customers go home happy. We serve all our customers equally whether they are loyal customers who we have been for many years or its new customers. Our staff are always around to help you understand our services better. You are welcome to get in touch with Teesside Towbar Centre and we will be glad to give you a free quote.

What we do

We specialise in installing towbars to both retailers and large scale traders. Our towbars are stocked from the distinguished manufacturers such as PCT, Westfalia, Witter and Bosal. We also supply other accessories that include; electrics accessories, which are very important to your towing needs. With the rapidly changing car technology, it is sometimes challenging for customers to know which towbar to settle for.

To fit a towbar, it’s important to first understand the socket which best suits your needs. Whether it may be a flange ball, swan neck or detachable towbar. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages. So understanding what you require from your towbar is crucial to helping us install the right one for you. Visit our website for more information on the pros and cons of each kind of towbar to help you with your decision. Next, you should choose the style of wiring that you want. We offer single, twin and 13 pin electrics. Each of which have different purposes and capabilities. Providing enough power between them to either power basic lighting or full caravan functionality.

We always guide you through the process as we fit your towbar and we offer aftercare services in the even the towbar has issues.


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