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  • Units 3 & 4 Parkway Link, Kettlebridge Road, Sheffield, S9 3AJ

About Towbar Depot

Towbar Depot are a towbar fitting centre that offers on site installations to their clients. Based within Sheffield, there are things for customers to do while they wait. Such as taking a look around the town. Meaning you wont be stuck in a boring waiting room whilst they finish up the work on your car. They are open Monday til Saturday from 8am until 6pm. So you will never find them hard to get hold of. Either in person, online or over the phone. They are there and waiting to help out.

What they do

Towbar Depot offer a range of services that mostly are solely related to towbars. Including on site and off site fittings. Allowing those in a rush to have their installation completed whilst they have the time. Or even just happen to be passing by. If however, you feel you may need to run some errands whilst work is being carried out on your car. They do offer a courtesy car service which allows you to book time with a replacement car of theirs to use. Meaning your day does not have to be interrupted simply because your car in not in your use. Making your day run that little bit more smoothly.

However if you do not feel up to using their free courtesy car, there is also a tram stop nearby. Allowing you to travel without worry of parking or traffic. Getting you where you need to go fast, with very little to worry about on your end. Just to make sure you are back to pick up your vehicle later on.

Their website shows their full range of services. Allowing you to choose your preferred installation, day, time slot and even fitter. So whatever you are looking for, will be clearly displayed on their website.

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