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Amongst the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world, Cadillac was founded back in 1902 from the remains of the Henry Ford Company where it quickly grew to be one of America’s leading luxury car manufacturers. Cadillac, or Cadillac Motor Car Division as it is called formally, is a section of the American multinational corporation, General Motors, which oversees the design, marketing, manufacture, and the distribution of vehicles and its parts. The marque has always been at the top of the ranks in the US right from its beginning years when it comes to luxury vehicles, with the Cadillac branded vehicles being distributed to 37 countries worldwide.

Precision engineering is the company’s utmost priority that helped them gain their reliability and consistently beat their competitors. The firm’s slogan, “Standard of the World”, came about after their winning of the Dewar Trophy at the Royal Automobile Club of England with the reliability test back in 1908, that laid the foundation of the mass production of the future automobiles to come. It won the trophy once again in 1912 with its integration of electricity in an automobile, from its starting and lighting. As an exemplar of technological advances, Cadillac has introduced many innovations from full electrical systems in automobiles to the V8 engine that set the standard for the American automotive industry.


Type Description Year Nose Load (kg) Max Tow Cap (kg) EC
Bumper Removal Bumper Cut Bumper Cut Visible
Standard BLS 4 Door Sal 2006> 75 1600 Yes Yes Yes No
HK neck BLS 4 Door Sal 2006> 75 1600 Yes Yes Yes No
Standard BLS Est / Wagon 2008> 65 1600 Yes Yes No No
Standard CTS 4 Door Sal 2008> 75 1800 Yes Yes No No
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