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Based in Consett, County Durham, Eldiss Transport, although operating in different markets, is a British road haulage company, proficient in the distribution, supply and storage of goods for supermarkets and retail outlets that is then transported to consumers. What it is today had been established back in 1971 but its origins could be traced back further all the way up to 1881 when Thomas Cook bought his first horse and cart. Eventually, after he died, his son Siddle took over the business and created Siddle C Cook Limited. Fast forward to 1971, Geoffrey Cook, Siddle’s eldest son took over and developed the company into a transporter of common goods.

Elddis has been successful in delivering reliability and excellent service with their consistent support in the supply chain of numerous businesses. The company holds at least 150 vehicles and 300 trailers for distribution, ranging from vehicles like 44t Maximum weight articulated vehicles, 18t rigid tail lift vehicle and transit vans up to specialist vehicles that are ordered in advance.

Its members are loyal to the company, having stayed in business for more than three decades. Furthermore, plenty of clients have also been very loyal, having worked with the company for more than two decades.


ELDDIS Towbars
Type Description Year Nose Load (kg) Max Tow Cap (kg) EC
Bumper Removal Bumper Cut Bumper Cut Visible
Standard Autoquest (All variants) 2008> 100 2000 Yes No No No
Standard Compass Avantgarde (All variants) 2009> 100 2000 Yes No No No
Standard Aspire (All variants) 2010> 100 2000 Yes No No No
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