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Ha Dong-hwan Motor Workshop and Dongbang Motor Co, established in the year 1954 and 1962 respectively merged together in 1963 to become Hadonghwan Motor Company. The Korean based company kicked off their production the following year to supply jeeps, trucks, and busses for the United States Army. Hadonghwan also manufactured other cars for different purposes.

In 1987, Ssangyong Business Group took over the company to change its name to Ssangyong Motors. The company’s engineering quality enabled an affiliation with Mercedes-Benz technology for the production of SUV, which led to the production of Musso initially sold by Mercedes-Benz before Ssangyong. Since the year 2000, the company has established itself as one of the leading SUV manufacturers and so far, their varieties include Korando; the longest known car brand in the world’s SUV market, Kyron, Rexton, and Actyon.

In 2011, greater percentage of Ssangyong was acquired by an Indian based company that specialised in SUV, called Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, making Ssangyong motors a subsidiary of the Indian based company. As of 2012, Ssangyong Motors had a total asset of about W1.85 trillion, more than 1,600 sales outlets in about 115 countries, and a production output of 119,142 vehicles.

The most recent SUV brand by Ssangyong motors manufactured in the era of Mahindra & Mahindra limited is the Tivoli.


Type Description Year Nose Load (kg) Max Tow Cap (kg) EC
Bumper Removal Bumper Cut Bumper Cut Visible
Standard Actyon 2006> 110 2400 Yes No No No
Standard Korando 2 2011> 92 2000 Yes Yes No No
VK Detachable Korando 2 2011> 92 2000 Yes Yes No No
Standard Kyron 2006> 117 2300 Yes Yes Yes Yes
VK Detachable Kyron 2006> 117 2300 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard Rexton 2 2006> 140 3500 Yes No No No
Standard Rodius (Not O.E. Reversing Three Sensors) 2005> 140 2800 Yes No No No
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