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An automobile manufacturing company in Japan, Subaru was founded by Kenji Kita, on July 15, 1953. It is a company uniquely known to use boxer engine layout and their vehicle models have used the symmetrical all- wheel drive-train layout since 1972 till date. The boxer Engine became standard equipment for small cars in international market since 1996. Subaru’s BRZ which was introduced in 2012, also uses the boxer engine but uses a rear-wheel-drive structure instead. Their earliest designs include the tiny air-cooled 360 of 1958, the Sambar of 196, and the Subaru1000 of 1966. The Company’s headquarters is at Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Subaru’s slogan can be seen as the quest to affordability and durability, “inexpensive and built to stay that way”. The company has their plant facilities in the United States, Canada, and Philippines and their marketing is targeted based on specific niches centred on those that desire the company’s signature.

Subaru top cars include the Subaru G4e, the Subaru R1e, Subaru Legacy PZEV, Subaru WRX STI among others.


SUBARU Towbars
Type Description Year Nose Load (kg) Max Tow Cap (kg) EC
Bumper Removal Bumper Cut Bumper Cut Visible
Standard Forester (Cuts off 2002 because of air conditioning cannister NB: Please be aware some 2002 Imports appear registered as 2001 but this towbar will not fit ) 1997 – 2002 75 1800 Yes No No No
Standard Forester 2008> 80 2000 Yes No No No
Standard Impreza 5 Door Hatch 2007> 75 1600 Yes No No No
Standard Legacy 2009> 80 2000 Yes No No No
Standard Outback 2009> 80 2000 Yes No No No
Standard Trezia 2011> 55 900 Yes No No No
Standard Tribeca 2007> 80 2000 Yes No No No
Standard XV 2012> 75 1600 Yes Yes No No
HK neck XV 2012> 75 1600 Yes Yes No No
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