How to check your cars maximum weight


An important thing when towing any object is making sure that it is within a car’s maximum towing capacity. As this maximum is different for each car. It is important you know what the individual weight is for your particular car. The purpose of this weight is to ensure a driver knows how much weight their car can handle towing both safely and legally. Not knowing or bothering to check this weight can be dangerous. Towing more than a car can safely handle can be dangerous as it means the driver will have less control over their vehicle. It can also do large amounts of damage to the car itself. Affecting the way it performs and creating extra danger.

How to work out maximum weight

To work out the maximum weight for any car it is important to know both the kerb weight of the car and the weight of the caravan. Both are easily found in a car manual or on the inside of the door and on the caravan itself. The weight of the caravan should usually be 85% or less of the car’s kerb weight in order to be safe to tow. Alternatively to be completely sure, maximum towing weight of a vehicle should be displayed somewhere in the car’s manual and in some cases on the inside of the car door to. Be sure to check both of these before assuming your tow weight will be safe.

Always make sure you know your cars tow weight. Reminding yourself each time you tow to be sure you are not remembering it incorrectly. Do not exceed the recommended weigh. As it can do large amounts of damage and increases the dangers involved with towing. Make sure any weight inside a caravan (if being towed) is evenly distributed to ensure no extra pressure is put on the car or driver while attached. However important, weight is not the only thing you need to consider while towing. Also be sure other regulations are fulfilled before towing. Such as complying with how wide your towed object can be in relation to your car. Ensuring that adequate brake lights and number plate are being used. As well as adequate mirrors to see the road behind clearly.

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