Choosing the best caravan holiday destinination


Planning your annual caravanning holiday needn’t be stressful, but when the usual resort becomes tiresome a holiday can feel like more of a chore than a break. But finding somewhere new to visit could put the joy back into your getaway.

The kind of holiday you want largely changed the suitability levels of certain campsites, finding your ideal setup can depend on whether you want to relax, explore or take part in activities as this would change the location to either secluded and scenic, to near a busy town or centre.

There are three main things to consider when looking up a campsite after location, the first is the facilities, what are you expecting from your holiday? For a holiday involving a lot of time away from the campsite only going back to sleep, or a holiday aiming for seclusion and serenity a campsite in the countryside with less facilities would be ideal as only the basic necessities are required. However for a holiday involving a lot of sightseeing or activities it is better to have a campsite with less facilities much like for a secluded holiday, but the location is more important as for sightseeing and activities it is better to have a campsite close to a city or place of interest. Another way to holiday in a caravan, is to simply enjoy the campsite and everything it has to offer, this kind of holiday needs a more interactive campsite, with on site activities such as swimming and classes, competitions, and entertainment to keep the holiday interesting.

The second thing to consider is pitch size, who and what are you planning on taking? Are you a small family of three taking a caravan, or a larger family with a bigger caravan and an awning? A tiny pitch would not be ideal for a larger family. It is also good to keep in mind if you would like to have space for activities on your pitch, such as a space for a small child’s pool to keep them occupied, or space for a table to have an outdoor eating area to make the most of your time away in the outdoors. All of these factors change pitch requirements, and if a site does not have a pitch size to accommodate your needs, it may not be the site for you.

Last of all is price, a site may have all the space and facilities you need, but can you afford it? You need to take into account when planning the budget, who you are paying for once you are there, account for extra money to go out for activities and food, how long you are planning your holiday to last and how much money you actually have to spend. Only when you have done this can you start working out if a site is affordable for you. Overspending on a pitch is easy to do, but regrettable, as it can leave you short of money when it comes to actually enjoying the holiday.

Ensuring these decisions have been made rationally and have taken into account everything you wanted from your holiday can ensure you get the best possible experience from your holiday and for an attainable price and also take the stress of your trip, ensuring you enjoy every last second.

December 23, 2016 |

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