The difference between towing electrics


Choosing the right electrics for your towing system is crucial in order to get the experience you are expecting. There are three different forms of electrics you can have installed for use when towing. But at the very least the minimum amount of electrics is required by law in order to tow. This is due to the requirement of visible working brake lights, as they will be covered by the object being towed. Take a look at the three kinds of towing electrics below and see which is right for you.


Single 7 pin socket electrics tend to be fitter as standard with many towbars, but others can be chosen. This is because they are the minimum legal requirement for cars when they are towing large, obstructive objects such as trailers and caravans. These electrics will only allow the working of external lights or a light board. Meaning that brake lights will still be displayed but no other electrics will be functional. Such as the electrics inside a caravan such as internal lighting. This is the most basic form of towing electrics. They are best used for things such as trailers which don’t need any extra features powering.


Twin electrics consist of two 7 pin sockets and power a little more than their single alternative. They not only power the external lights such as reverse and brake lights. They also power other electrics that may be attached. For example they would allow the powering of things such as internal caravan lights and fridges so food can be kept through transport. They are mainly compatible with older caravans which use the same twin pin electrics. But adaptors can be bought to fit newer caravans as their standard electrics have changed more recently.

13 pin

To most current form of electronics that allow for more to be done whilst in use are 13 pin sockets. Unlike the twin 7 pin electrics, 13 pin only consists of one socket whilst giving of the same level of power. Meaning drivers can get more power from a more compact set of electricals. Like the twin 7 pin it allows for both external car lights and the running of internal caravan electrics such as lights and fridges. It can also be used for caravan battery charging which is much more than what a standard single 7 pin can do. This form of electrics comes as standard on most moderns caravans so is easily compatible with any newer models.

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