Great biking trails you may never have heard of


Bored of the same biking trails? Not interested in searching for hours to find a new one? Save some time looking and check out these suggestions, you may just find your new favourite cycling location.

Rhyd Ddu, Snowdon, North Wales,

Looking for a route with variation? This is your place, with a steep climb to the highest peak in wales to the single track descent towards a lakeside town. This track is is classed as difficult and is about 15 miles in length, so unless you are a fan of steep climbs, various kinds of terrain and riding along the edge of a ridge with a 350m drop this may not be the place for you. But if you are you get to enjoy all those things as well as the scenic but rocky and difficult journey back down the mountain. Not all of the route is completely rideable due to its difficulty, but it is definitely a ride worth the challenge.

Ullswater, Lake District,
Upon first glance riders looking for a more challenging journey may roll their eyes at the mere 8 miles of this route, but do not be fooled, this can be quite a tough route. You start riding with an amazing view of the lake district leading onto a trail that is quiet with no sight of the lake at all, but the peacefulness of this ride won’t last long, the terrain in this area (as well as by the lake) can be pretty challenging and very rocky in parts. Another route where no one would judge you for descending from your bike occasionally. Adding to the physical challenge of this relatively short route there are many ways to follow this path, leading to a slightly crazy journey until you find yourself back in the right direction.
Elan Valley, Mid-Wales,
Elan valley is a vast national park covering a huge 72 square miles, if you’re a cyclist looking for views then look no further. The park features many beautiful views of the natural landscape, a wide variety of wildlife and is home to stunning reservoirs and dams. At the top of the trail you are able to take in views of the surrounding valleys and four reservoirs. The park is remote and quiet, a truly natural environment. As a result of this there are many variations in difficulty of trails, for less experienced riders there are trails that cover only the open rolling hills and flatter sections of the park, and for those of a higher difficulty ones that feature some steep hills and new terrain.

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