Guide to fitting a towbar


Towbar fitting can be a difficult task. When deciding to fit personally rather than visiting a dealer it is crucial to know the correct installation method needed to get the job done. Making sure that the towbar you fit is secure as well as safe. So it is able to perform to the standard needed to effectively tow heavy objects such as trailers and caravans. Follow the instructions below to be sure that you are doing everything right.

Fitting steps

First of all it is important to look over the instructions that came with the towbar you have purchased. These will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get your towbar securely fixed. Each towbar from an approved company will come with a set of installation instructions, so remember to purchase your towbar from a trusted store.

Then, get access to the back and underside of your car, bolting on your towbar brackets to the underside of the vehicle. This process should be shown in more detail on your instruction pages. Giving your towbar beam something solid to be bolted on to. Keeping it in place while in and out of use. A permanent fixture for both fixed and detachable towbars.

Next, check over your main beam for any damage before installation. If the beam is in perfect condition, add it to the underside of the car. Bolting it to the towbar brackets you previously added to the vehicle. Be sure to add every bolt as this is what will keep your towbar as secure as possible. This process will also be more clearly detailed within the towbars instructions.

Once both the brackets and main beam are attached you can then add your towbar. Fitting it to the main beam as shown in your instructions. This may be a slightly different process for different types of towbars. Check over the installation and make sure the towbar has been tightened properly. As this will is important to make sure the installation is secure. Once this is complete you can then work on installing the electrics for your light boards or caravan if required.

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