Ideal places for that perfect horse ride


Keeping horses in familiar environments is usually best for their comfort, but occasionally the scenery gets boring and there are so many places out there to visit and explore. So if you have an especially brave or venturesome horse these three may be places worth visiting.

Whatever kind of scenery you require, The New Forest in southern England can provide. The trail is a vast national park district covering 753.2 km² so you’ll never run out of places to explore. There are trails across various forms of terrain covering heathlands, coastlines and woodland, so whatever kind of scenery you require, or whatever level of riding experience you are at there is something to suit you. It is known for being able to cater well for all experience levels with both flat and more challenging trails. As riders there are expectations to stick to tracks, but there are plenty of places to stop and rest such as pubs and restaurants and new things to experience while riding, such as the wildlife in the woodlands.

If you prefer more of a challenging landscape try Dartmoor in the south west of England. Difficulty of the trail depends on which section of the park you are in, with one section being ideal for beginners and people new to open outdoor riding, and two other sections for more experienced riders, one a lot more difficult to navigate than the other. Whichever part of the park a rider ends up in they will be greeted with spectacular scenery and a peaceful setting, perfect for a solitary or calm group ride. There are no rules to stick to paths as riders can trek over open moors, woodland and bridleways depending on preference.

For a more peaceful quiet route you can wander through Radnor Forest in the Welsh countryside. Radnor forest is an open space and has very few man made buildings. The walk offers stunning views of the surrounding areas and hillsides and features a decent amount of narrow valleys. Places to rest and eat are available but are much more scarce than in some other riding areas, but for a rider who is looking for somewhere to explore and enjoys finding their own bearings it is a great place to visit.

December 23, 2016 |

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