Is life in a caravan for you?


Spending a lot of time in your caravan and hating going home is a common experience for caravan lovers, the absence of the outdoors in built up cities can make the attachment to your weekend holidays even worse. But have you ever considered that you may be longing to live a different kind of lifestyle?

There are many benefits to life in a caravan, for example there are financial benefits, if you are struggling to keep up with household bills and payments but are already working to full capacity taking up living in a caravan might be a viable option for you. This is because there are no electricity costs, gas is a lot cheaper as you only pay for what you use and you would more than likely use even less in the summer anyway making an even bigger saving. Best of all you will not need to pay council tax, as you would have no fixed address.

Also, some of the stresses of owning a house are taken away. There’s no need to worry about neighbours as you or they will probably eventually and always have the choice to move. There is also the size, downsizing means that there is less space, which may not sound great, but if you’re not a fan of clutter or even cleaning it’s a great solution as with such limited space you have no choice but to not throw away the clutter, and hoovering? There’s barely any floor space to clean.

Worried about the environment? There’s always the plus of a lower carbon footprint, as you will use less energy resources because supplies would either be scarce or there would be less in your home to power. The bonus of being able to set up home wherever you feel is also a factor, so your commute to work can be shortened at will, saving driving distance and time.

Overall life in a caravan in a little less stressful and a little more serene. But before you look at living full time it is important to realise there are downsides of this kind of lifestyle and should look into every aspect, good and bad before making such a life changing decision.

December 23, 2016 |

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