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When needing a towbar fitted the vehicle usually needs to be dropped off at a garage, meaning time out of the day and no form of direct transportation. Living a busy lifestyle can be stressful enough as it is without loosing time, so if a towbar is needed but a garage installation doesn’t sound appealing it may be time to look at a mobile fitter.

TowbarFitting have a wide selection of towbar fitters, and it doesn’t matter if they’re right on your doorstep, because they will come to you. Mobile fitters are usually from a set garage who offer both in and out house installation, this kind of fitter will come to your home or workplace and fix in place your towbar while you are able to attend to your daily duties, without any inconvenience for you.

Prices for these kinds of fittings can vary greatly from £300 to £500 and possibly higher when wiring is required to be more advanced than single electrics. Things to take into account when pricing up a mobile towbar installation are things to consider much the same as a garage installation such as the price of the towbar itself, the fitting and legally required wiring and occasional required bumper cutting on the car to accommodate the towbar’s shape, on top of this labour costs have to be added. However, unlike a garage fitting, there may also be an extra cost for the initial travel, and distance of travel the fitter has to cover.

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