What to pack for a caravanning holiday


Sometimes when packing for a holiday it is impossible to know where to start, do you take extra supplies just in case? Or do you trust your instincts to just take what you need? Well you are in luck! here is a bit of reassurance about whether those extra pots, pans and plates are really necessary.

Whatever the size of your caravan one factor will remain the same, there will always be limited space, so when packing it is better to only take the basics. The only required items are really linen, towels and toiletries as depending on how you keep your caravan stocked or how advanced it is everything else should be provided already. If your caravan is not so advanced extra kitchen equipment is also good to take.

Obviously as it is a holiday for yourself and possibly others there is going to be a need for personal belongings such as clothes and electricals, but again, don’t over pack as you will only have limited space per person, less space the more people attending the holiday. Among these items it is a good idea to pack some things you and your company will find entertaining, whether for indoor or outdoor use as there is the car journey to get through and you can never count on whether there are going to be rainy or sunny days once you arrive.

Another good idea, just in case of emergency, is taking any necessary tools for the repair of either your car or caravan, as there is nothing worse and more stressful on a caravan holiday then becoming stranded as a result of car or caravan issues. Because of this, torches and extra batteries are also a good idea, in case you break down at night on a dark country road.

Something to avoid however is food, moderation is key with a caravan holiday and stocking up for the whole duration of your trip isn’t always ideal, especially when you have to drive the caravan to the campsite too, as movement may cause a lot of issues and mess for you to clean up once you arrive. The same goes for unnecessary extra amounts of pots and plates, as their movement could cause some issues, and also you’re on holiday, one plate each is more than enough to keep clean if you plan on eat out a lot, better yet, take paper ones!

December 23, 2016 |

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