Planning an extended bike tour


There’s nothing better than spending some time with your partner or friends riding through quiet streets or across the countryside on your bikes. But sometimes a more extended journey is called for, whether to take a break from work or just to enjoy some new places, and planning such a journey may be even easier than you think.

The first thing to do when planning an extended bike journey is pick a date, when will you have time? Combine this with a vague ideal of where you would like to go and work out how long it would take in correlation to the time you have spare. The more vague the route the easier the journey, as you won’t spend too much time stressing and focusing on specific routes or progress, instead you’ll find yourself taking in the scenery and enjoying the experience a little more.

To begin you’re going to need supplies, realistically all you will need is a bike, and maybe a backpack worn by you or attached to the bike itself. If you’re not a fan of sleeping under the stars and can’t afford multiple hotels or bed and breakfasts a tent may be a good idea too, but this is the most you will need, other than food and water which you can collect as you ride. There is no requirement for fancy equipment, the journey is seeing the world, not what you have with you at the time.

Once you have these simple things sorted you can start pedalling. Once on the road how you live depends on what financial decisions you made. Prefer to be a little more comfortable? Save more money beforehand and enjoy an easier life. Interested in connecting with nature and aren’t to bothered about comfortability? simply take what money you have and see where the journey takes you, even accepting invitations from friendly strangers or friends made on the ride for food and places to camp can take your journey in a new unexpected direction for very little or no money.

The most important part of planning a bike tour is to not, don’t put so much effort into planning a direct route, specific sightseeing or even time restraints. Simply set up a vague guide of an end destination and let the journey take you where it will. If you end up not making your final target it may just mean you got sidetracked by something you found more worthwhile than your original plan.

December 23, 2016 |

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