Precautions to take when towing a caravan


Towing a caravan may seem like a simple task, but it can be incredibly risky when not done properly. For any person thinking about taking their caravan out, whether for the first time or for the hundredth, it is always a good idea to take the necessary precautions to ensure your journey is safe. Doing checks on on both your vehicle and caravan as well as familiarising yourself with the best way to drive. So if you are planning a caravan holiday in the near future, check out the following steps to take before doing so.

Dont overload

Overloading your caravan will make towing it much harder. It can even put you over your recommended towing weight so it is important to be careful. Overloading can easily make a trailer lean while driving and potentially damage the connection to the car due to the excess weight and movement. Even with the right weight in your caravan it can negatively effect your car.

So be sure the weight in your van is properly distributed so there is not too much stress in any singular place. Too much weight in one part of a caravan can do damage. For example too much weight at the front can do damage to the caravans connection to the ca. Too much at the back can make it harder to drive, leaving the driver with less control. Spreading weight evenly makes for no extra stress on the car and no extra difficulty when driving. Overall making the towing experience safer.

Practice driving with it

Knowing how to handle a car with an attached caravan is important. Get to know how it feels to drive with the extra attachment and work out speeds that feel safe and under control. Get to know the manoeuvres that are achievable while the caravan is hooked up. Also learn how wide you have to take corners to avoid clipping the curb as the caravan will always be wider than your car is. Even reversing is more difficult with a caravan attached. So even practice this wherever you can to ensure you will not get stuck if you have to do it unexpectedly while on the road. It can also help to get towing mirrors fitted to your existing car mirrors to make it easier to see behind you. Depending on the width of your caravan this feature is a requirement for safe driving when towing.

Be wary of speed

Every car owner knows what speeds their car can handle on its own. But it is important to also know what it can do when attached to a caravan. This is crucial in order to not push it too far while driving. As too fast speeds can cause a caravan to sway from side to side. Forcing the driver to lose control while driving. Whilst a swaying caravan can be got back under control. It is much safer to do all you can to avoid this situation arising in the first place. As if not saved the caravan may tilt or even tip, causing potential for an accident. Stay safe by only operating your car and caravan within the limits you know they can safely handle together.

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