Precautions to take when towing a horse box


Towing any kind of object whether it be a caravan or a horsebox will mean that as a driver you will have to take extra precautions before and whilst driving. Unlike towing a caravan however, there are more than just technical checks that need to be done. Whilst all technical checks are still highly important, the horses you are transporting also need to be taken into account. Both their comfort and behaviours need to be predicted and ensured to reduce the risk of accidents whilst driving. Go through the list below before setting off to reduce the amount of risks you take.

Car checks

In order to tow a horsebox safely a car needs to be performing properly. Before attempting to tow be sure to make all the necessary checks on your vehicle. Just to be certain it is safe to be using for that purpose. As car issues can be dangerous alone, and will only made worse by the attachment of something as heavy as a horsebox. Be sure to check things such as brake performance and oil levels. Taking a look at your tyres to check both wear and air pressure before setting off. Running these checks will reduce the risk of accidents due to a fault in your car. Making sure nothing unexpected happens while on the road.

Horse comfortability

Nothing is worse in a moving trailer than an unhappy or restless horse. So before you set off take the time to make sure the horse you are transporting is happy to be in the trailer by getting them used to it first. Walk them in and out frequently to show them that it is okay and a safe place to be. While on the road be sure you have the necessary supplies to keep them warm. Where possible keep them company by moving them along with another horse. Make sure you plan a route that allows places for you to stop and check on the horse/s regularly. Being ready to calm them or clean up around the horsebox for the sake of their comfort during the rest of the journey.

Driving speed

Be aware that horses do spook very easily, so be sure that you are driving slower than you normally would while driving or towing a different object. This will also help with vehicle control in regards to the extra weight that will be added to the car through the horsebox and horse itself. Otherwise sudden movement of the horsebox or shaking can occur while driving, evoking sudden movement or unease from the horse being transported. Making it much more unsafe to continue driving with them attached to the vehicle. Meaning more unplanned stops will need to be made to calm to horse so safe driving can continue.

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