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Usually, unless extremely confident, when looking for a towbar and fitter it makes sense to take the vehicle to a garage, to ensure installation will be done properly and effectively. But it can be difficult to calculate how much this will cost.

When looking at price for a towbar fitting it is wise to take into account the multiple parts of the process before taking on the investment, as depending on the steps your car requires the prices of installation can differ. Steps to keep in mind are that the towbar has to be bought, fitted, wired and sometimes the bumper of the car has to be cut to accommodate the towbar, on top of this labour costs have to be added. But having this done properly is necessary to ensure a quality fitted towbar that functions as it should.

The price of fitting a towbar depends on the car it is for, and can range from £100 Р£400, prices will rarely be above or below these values. The kind of towbar will also have an effect on a price, as a standard towbar is likely to cost less that one that is foldable or detachable. Shopping around is advised as prices from garage to garage can vary greatly, which is where TowbarFitting comes in handy.

Whatever the price of your fitting, it is always better to have a towbar fitted by a garage as wiring and cutting need to be done properly to ensure they work correctly and efficiently, as lights and indicators on caravans and trailers are required by law.

December 21, 2016 |

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