What is a detachable towbar


What is a detachable towbar

A less popular option with car owners in the UK, detachable towbars are becoming more and more popular in America. Being a little more versatile in appearance detachable towbar models are catching the eye of those who value the appearance of their car. Suitable for those who do not want to see their towbar on their car while not in use. This is because they allow for the removal of the towbar itself without complete un installation. Making it quick and easy to put back on when it is required again. When removed, leaving behind only the parts of the fixture that cannot be seen.

Detachable towbar variations

There are a couple types of detachable towbar that can be chosen from to be installed. One of the main types is a detachable flange towbar. This is the best option for those who are looking to be able to tow and utilise things such as a cycle carrier at the same time. As it allows for both to be used simultaneously with the vehicle whilst driving. So if you plan on attaching multiple accessories to your towbar, then the flange detachable bar may be the best option for you. Another benefit of this towbar type is that it will not set off your parking sensors while not towing. Due to the ability to remove the towbar itself from the vehicle whenever the driver wants.

The other main type of detachable towbar is the detachable swan neck towbar. This model is a little less versatile than the flange option. As it does not allow the use of cycle carriers and towing features at once. Meaning that only one can be used at any given time, leaving you to choose between your carrier or your towing features. This option is great if you rarely need more than one accessory attached to your vehicle, as its lack of simultaneous functionality will not be a problem. This model of towbar also tends to be cheaper than its flange towbar alternative.

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