What is a fixed towbar


What is a fixed towbar

The most popular option for towbars within the UK. Fixed towbars are highly favoured by British drivers who use their vehicle to tow. They are great for people who do not mind their towbar being visible when not in use. Those who are happy for it to be present all year round, regardless of whether they will be towing continuously or not. As they are a kind of towbar that is designed to stay on the car once installed. Unfortunately some kinds of fixed towbar are not suitable for more modern cars. Especially those with features such as parking sensors. As some models of fixed towbar have been known to be detected by vehicle parking sensors. Setting them off before the car actually nears any dangerous objects.

Fixed towbar variations

There are a few different models of fixed towbars that drivers can choose from. The two main types are a fixed flange towbar and fixed swan neck towbar. Both have their own advantages. Firstly, fixed flange towbars are the most popular option in the UK. Usually the most expensive but it performs well for its price. This kind of fixed towbar allows you to tow and use a cycle rack at the same time. Meaning you don’t have to choose between the two. So whenever you need to do both or either, you have full freedom to do so. It also allows a range of accessories to be fitted with it to extend its usage and protect the car. Although good and very reliable, these kinds of towbar have been known to set off parking sensors frequently. So cars with this feature may have an issue using it correctly.

The other main type of fixed towbar is the fixed swan neck. Although a less popular option it is gaining ground with British drivers. It is a much sleeker and cleaner looking installation than the flange models, and is a little more compact. Due to its more streamlined design swan neck towbars have been found less likely to set off parking sensors. Meaning they can be used on cars with this feature. Although them not being detected by the sensors is not a guaranteed trait. Although they are better for vehicles with parking sensors, swan neck towbars do have their disadvantages in comparison to flange towbars. This is because unlike the flange models, swan neck towbars can only allow the use of towing features and cycle racks separately. Meaning both actions cannot be used simultaneously.

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