Your winter holiday survival tips


Are you a fan of winter? Caravan holidays aren’t always just for summer, and if you’re looking at taking yours away for a festive winter getaway there are a few extra things to consider that don’t apply all year round.

It is extremely important to pack properly for this kind of holiday, thick jackets, extra layers and spare blankets are always a good idea, however they will take up a lot of room so it is good to ensure all your extra items have space to be stored, you don’t want to spend your entire break tripping over your duvet. Water and food are also a good thing to keep a store of, you never know where you might end up or what stores may unexpectedly close, and no one wants to be stranded in the snow hungry and dehydrated.

Should you get stuck by breaking down or in snow there are a few essentials you will want to have with you, such as extra gas bottles, to ensure you can stay warm, and a shovel and rock salt, should you hit thick snow and get stuck or get snowed in, as this will enable you to dig your way out and dissolve the remaining bits of more solid snow, freeing your vehicle to continue.

A final safety precaution covers travel, if travelling somewhere with deep snow chains for wheels are a good idea to help with grip. It is also a good idea to consider the weight of all your extra winter packing, as you may have unknowingly exceeded your tow weight, doing this is highly dangerous and not to mention illegal in normal conditions, but can be even more deadly when driving on ice.

Winter holidays require a large amount of consideration and planning, but when done correctly that ideal cosy winter break is perfectly executed and better yet, it becomes more likely to become stress free.

December 23, 2016 |

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