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Witter towbars, founded over half a century ago by Colin Witter back in 1950 are the leading UK towbar manufacturer and offer towbar fitting for 51 makes of car, from the most popular makes to the less well known. They are well known for their standards in quality reliability and price value.

With their headquarters in Deeside, North Wales, Witter Towbars have expanded over the years to provide an elaborate and effective network of over 400 fitting centers nationwide. All of which offer a wide range of detachable and fixed towbars made to fit the requirements of different vehicle mounting points and differences between models.

Offering a quality lifetime guarantee alongside their own ‘Witter shield of safety’ on all towbars, their products are of high quality and are thoroughly tested to ensure continuity. But not only do they test their products against regulation EC type approval, they also subject their towbars to extra tests to further quality and performance checks. On top of this, all towbars are created and fitted by fully qualified engineers,

Alongside their lifetime guarantees they offer lifetime guarantees and most advanced tracking system in the industry, using this help them create an ‘unrivaled’ level of quality that only they can provide, as every step of the manufacture process is monitored and recorded, ensuring quality and engineering excellence.

When fitting towbars all electrical kits are selected to fit the specific vehicle to ensure they are the most appropriate, and when offering an all in one price for the towbar, electrical kit, tow ball fitting and VAT they manage to make a stressful multiple part process simple, quick and efficient. Adding on to this Witter Towbars only offer one point of communication, ensuring their customers know where they stand.

To add to their huge list of services Witter Towbars have even teamed up with Towsafe to provide easy access to information about safe tow loads for car makes and models, matching caravans to cars to ensure no weight limits are exceeded and helping drivers avoid expensive fines and license points.

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